An exclusive, standout gin. Hand-crafted locally in limited batches.

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Portsmouth Gin

True Blue is an outstanding Gin that lures you in with it’s hypnotic gold leaf, suspended in ‘Pompey Blue'. Made with hand foraged Sea Cabbage from Southsea Seafront. On the nose it is clean and vibrant with notes of lemon and fennel. On the palate, it is fresh with citrus, finishing with a dry, gentle and warm burst of Cinnamon.

The Portsmouth Gin Story

The Story

How Portsmouth 'True Blue' Gin came about...

A standout gin, hand-crafted, sourced and locally produced in small batches. Sold exclusively at the Sally Port Inn, within the heart of Old Portsmouth.

The concept of Portsmouth Gin initially originated from a conversation about why Portsmouth didn't have it's own gin already. A city with a rich history, beaches full of botanicals and to add to it all - a blue and gold colour scheme - it seemed to be the perfect inspiration for an amazing spirit. With many widely known gins, the likes of Plymouth & Brighton Gin to name but a few, we wanted to create something that would push Portsmouth into the top flight of the gin world.

Having decided on the colour, branding and a few other logistical bits, we spent a while researching the worlds greatest gin aficionados - eventually appointing Dr David Clutton - the worlds leading gin specialist to create the final recipe, combining locally sourced botanicals and a few ‘secret' ingredients... The brief was simple; create an amazing tasting, high-end spirit that would win awards if it were blind tasted, so that we knew it tasted fantastic, not just luring the drinker in with it's rich 'Pompey Blue' colour and hypnotic gold leaf.

Three years, and many iterations later, we created the perfect gin - selling it exclusively at the Sally Port Inn - in the very heart of Portsmouth.

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